21/Bi-Female/NY NSFW 18+ ONLY!
Name's Jess. Me and my boyfriend Chris run this blog together. We post NSFW/tasteful pictures of beautiful women, fishnet lingerie, cannabis & glass pipes/art, tattoo's, video games (mainly BF4), and tiny peeks into the modern human condition.I track the tags "fishnets" "battlefield 4" and "girlswholikegirls". Please don't bother following me if you have a problem with the naked human body. Last if you have anything you feel I might like please submit it. NO MALE NUDES, BELIEVE ME I'M NOT INTERESTED!

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  • To that anon "you're parents" learn to write before you try to insult brah

    Lol for real. Not gonna act like it doesn’t happen to me tho :p

    Fuck that anon. If your daughter ever does find your blog one day, she'll see how rad as fuck her mom was and want to be as confident and awesome as you are when she grows up.

    Asked by mandakarin

    I’m def not worried about Elly or the anon. Just a jealous ass little girl, that’s all. Thanks for the kind words babygurl

    Nigga stop frontin you are not free you live at home with you're parent's. Stop waisting you're life and do something for your man and your kid.

    Asked by Anonymous

    This is so inaccurate I don’t even know what to say…
    Lmfao maybe?

    Lol if ur daughter finds ur blog one day... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Asked by Anonymous

    What? She’ll see how awesome her mom was lol. Think I’m ashamed of anything I post? Bitch I’m happy and free, can you say the same? Sending anon bullshit? Fuck out of here… Coward

    You're absolutely fucking stunning and wish I had your self confidence. Keep doing what you're doing! Fuck everybody else. 😘

    Asked by stoned-y0uth

    Thanks baby girl, you’re pretty rad yourself tbh :3

    Is there anything you can't stand people doing around your daughter?

    Fighting. I don’t like people yelling, cursing, or arguing around her. That’s about it

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