I"m Jessica. 22 years old, bisexual as fuck, residing outside of NYC. I have a boyfriend whom I've been with since I was a little girl. I like pussy..a lot. I practice polygamy but only with women (not interested in other men). I post drugs, sex, girls, glass, weed, video games and the absurdity of the modern human condition. Fuck your God.

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  • You're so damn foxy I think I might actually die if I don't get to smoke with you like nao 💕✨

    omg no we can’t have that! we need to set this up ASAP!!!

    You're a boss ass bitch that's fucking fearless and independent and beautiful and if you anyone ever gives you shit you walk your fine ass right the fuck over them ❤❤❤

    Asked by marybriannna

    fuck yeah you know it bby girl!

    How do I send you the pic?

    Asked by jae136

    wtf are you talking about? I swear I better not find a picture of a dick from a dick in my inbox..


    BMO-CHU by Nicole Draeger @nicole_draeger !

    #tattoo #greenlotustattoo #adventuretime #adventuretimetattoo #pokemon #pokemontattoo #animetattoo #pikachutattoo #pikachu #BMO #tattoos (at Green Lotus Tattoo)

    (via 1337tattoos)

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