I"m Jessica. 22 years old, bisexual as fuck, residing outside of NYC. I have a boyfriend whom I've been with since I was a little girl. I like pussy..a lot. I practice polygamy but only with women (not interested in other men). I post drugs, sex, girls, glass, weed, video games and the absurdity of the modern human condition. Fuck your God.

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  • Oh my god. Your daughter is the epitome of cuteness. There are some sick pervs out there and they should burn in hell but she is honest to god one of the most adorable children I have ever seen.

    thank you hun. i swear every day I’m astounded at the more and more beautiful she gets. Her daddy’s gonna be busy with that 44 he has put away lol

    hey bby i've been thinking about you all weekend i hope you had a stoney time (: i'll kik you later and we can chat about life and love but until then hope the pills are keeping you happy c: good vibes to you cutie

    all good baby. looking forward to our fun talks :3

    wish i could be as confident as u so i can post some sexy pics hahaha I'm too shy :/

    Asked by mind-trips

    but you’re beautiful and you shouldn’t be shy about putting your physical out there

    Do you respond privately ?

    Asked by Anonymous

    if you ask me to

    Tu ija es linda, que malo que va aser una puta como tu. Enseñando el Culo talbes a Los 13 años. Te lo metiera en el culo, a las Mexicanas les gusta eso.

    Asked by Anonymous

    "your daughter is pretty, too bad she’s going to be a slut like you, showing off her ass at the age of 13. I would stick it in your ass, Mexicans like that."

    That as is from prodigee. She posted a pic with that underwear before lol.

    Asked by Anonymous

    the cheetah print? nah thats from one of my girls. she just asked me to publish private

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